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Is Something Wrong with My Muffler?

A muffler (also known as a silencer) is a device that reduces the noise from your engine and helps filter gases out of your vehicle's engine.


If your muffler stops working, it can cause problems for the entire exhaust system of your vehicle. 


Unfortunately, many people won't realise there's an issue with their muffler until damage has already occurred. They may be alerted to the fact there's an issue by a strange noise, a funny smell, or smoke coming from their vehicle; by this time, the damage will be done, and a repair will be needed. 


What Causes a Muffler to Malfunction or Stop Working? 

There are several reasons why a vehicle's muffler will malfunction or stop working altogether. As with all vehicle parts, mufflers suffer from general wear and tear, lasting between five and seven years, depending on road conditions and driving distance. 


Another factor that influences a muffler's lifespan is exposure to road conditions. As the muffler is on the underside of your car or van, salt and grit on the roads, speedbumps, potholes, and poor road conditions can negatively affect the muffler and reduce its lifespan. 


Regularly driving short distances can also affect a vehicle's muffler. Water vapour is produced by the catalytic converter when driving. When driving short distances, this doesn't have enough time to evaporate completely or be expelled, which can cause the muffler to rust and corrode. 


How to Know If There are Issues in Your Exhaust System

If your engine temperature is higher than expected, this can be a sign there's damage to your muffler. A damaged muffler can cause a blockage in the exhaust system, pushing the engine temperature up and even leading to a total loss of power. 


If your muffler has an issue, you may hear strange sounds, such as thumping, clunking, or rattling. These sounds will come from your exhaust pipe if the muffler can't do its job. 


A strong and persistent smell in your vehicle can also indicate that your exhaust system isn't working as it should. The odour could be caused by your exhaust system's inability to filter exhaust gases and harmful fumes from your car or van. 


If you suspect an issue with your exhaust system or muffler, it's best to speak to a garage as soon as possible. We can visually inspect your muffler, which involves lifting your car or van. When we do this, we can check for rust and see if there are any issues there. 


If you suspect a problem with your car or van's muffler, BETS Autos can help. Call our team on 01443 224 266 to book your vehicle with us at a time that suits you. We're open Monday to Friday from 7 am until 5 pm.